The relationship of sexual dysfunction disorders syndrome and body image with mental health in women

Elnaz Hayati, Farnaz Yarmohamadi, Mohammadereza Asadi, Mehdi Mohammadi, Shahrbanoo Naghdi-Babaee, Hajar Akbarnezhad, Nazanin Farrokhi, Abouzar Nouri-Talemi, Shahrbanoo Ghahari

DOI: 10.22122/cdj.v10i2.511


BACKGROUND: Sexual dysfunction (SD) and body image are interrelated and could affect mental health. This study aims to examine the relationship between SD and body image with mental health in women.

METHODS: This was a correlational study and statistical population was all married women at age of 25-50 who referred to gynecology centers in Tehran, Iran, in Mar 2015. 150 women who referred to gynecological clinics in two regions of 4 and 8 in Tehran, were chosen using convenience sampling method. They filled 12-Item General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12), Sexual Function Questionnaire (SFQ), and Body Image Scale (BIS). Data were analyzed by using Pearson correlation and regression through SPSS software.

RESULTS: The relationship between SD disorders syndrome and negative body image with mental health was statistically significant (P < 0.001).

CONCLUSION: Negative self-image could have a negative effect on SD syndrome and it could predict poor mental health in women.


Sexual Dysfunction Disorders Syndrome; Body Image; Mental Health

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